10 Everyday Uses For Essential Oils

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Growing up I learned that pills cured disease. When I was sick, my parents took me to the doctor who gave me a prescription to make my symptoms go away. Sometimes these medications worked to fight the infection, sometimes they would simply make life more comfortable while my body healed itself; I never questioned what I went home with.

That is - until college. During my undergraduate studies, I was put on steroids and antibiotics chronically for repeated tonsillitis; as a result I developed digestive and hormonal issues. For the first time in my life the cons of modern medicine and prescriptions were markedly apparent, and I got curious about the alternatives. Healing shouldn't be harmful.

During my studies in Anthropology, I learned of eastern medicine and other plant-based healing methods of indigenous cultures. I was tired of the side effects and bias of western methods. I became obsessed with simple, natural solutions for holistic wellness and health.

Along with clean eating and herbal teas, essentials oils have became one of my go tools. Essentials oils have been used for centuries to promote vitality and well-being; they're some of the most potent plant medicine available. Personally, my preference is doTERRA oils.

10 EVERYDAy uses for essential oils:

  1. Use Lemon essential oil to remove sticker residue and create streak free mirrors.

  2. Use Lavender or doTERRA's Serenity blend aromatically to wind down after a long day.

  3. Use Melaleuca topically to support the healing of skin blemishes.

  4. Diffuse Basil or apply doTERRA's In Tune blend for mental clarity and focus.

  5. Use Peppermint to soothe stomaches and achy muscles.

  6. Use Frankincense to promote feelings of relaxation, and enhance your mindfulness practice.

  7. Add Grapefruit to your water to decrease cravings.

  8. Use Geranium to promote feelings of compassion and generosity.

  9. Use Clary Sage to promote hormonal balance, and reduce pms symptoms.

  10. Use Vetiver to enhance feelings of calm, and boost immunity.

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