Introduction To The Astrological Houses

Natal Chart 101

If you took a picture of the sky at the moment you were born, and then overlaid a pie with slices in it, you’d get something that looks like your astrological natal chart. The “pie” is called the zodiac wheel; and it consists of twelve sections, or houses. It begins with house one in the direct west, and moves counter-clockwise. Your natal chart can be used to unveil your karmic opportunities, lessons, gifts, and challenges in this lifetime, as well as provide clues on how to best navigate them.

Intro to the Houses

Each house is associated with a specific zodiac sign, which rules certain set of personality traits, a sect of the human psyche, or archetype. At the exact moment you were born each of the houses and planets was aligned with a certain zodiac sign, which naturally aligns with one of the 12 archetypes.

When you decipher your chart from an astrological perspective, you’re looking at the planets, what house they’re in, and the sign or archetype they’re in - which differs depending on your exact time of birth, and dictates where your first house begins.

Colored by the archetype it begins within, your first house governs how you show up in the world - your first impression, beginnings - and the houses continue from micro to macro from there. The first six houses are referred to as “personal houses” and the second six are considered “interpersonal houses”. While each house is ruled by specific sign in your chart, it is also naturally ruled by one of the twelve zodiac signs; which, if you know anything about the signs, you can use to guide your understanding of what each house correlates to.

The 12 Houses & Their Meanings

1st House

Ruled by Aries | First impressions, approach to life, appearance, perceived identity

2nd House

Ruled by Taurus | Material and physical environment, finances, work ethic

3rd House

Ruled by Gemini | Communication, your closest friends, social interests

4th House

Ruled by Cancer | Emotional wellness, foundations, femininity

5th House

Ruled by Leo | Creativity, self-expression, romance

6th House

Ruled by Virgo | Health, routines, organization, service

7th House

Ruled by Libra | Partnerships (personal + professional), interpersonal style, contracts

8th House

Ruled by Scorpio | Sex, intimacy, merging, shared resources

9th House

Ruled by Sagittarius | Education, philosophy, travel

10th House

Ruled by Capricorn | Career, status, masculinity

11th House

Ruled by Aquarius | Hopes, wishes, your larger community

12th House

Ruled by Pisces | Subconscious, hidden beliefs, healing, endings

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