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intuitive readings

Enjoy a customized reading designed to leave you inspired and empowered. Using a combination of tarot, astrology, akashic records, and more, Catherine’s intuitive readings will help you to:

  • cultivate passion and excitement

  • choose between multiple options or paths

  • identify and heal karmic patterns

  • discover aligned opportunities, places, or people

  • anchor into your soul’s truth



energy healing sessions

Reserve your 75-minute session with Catherine for an intimate creative wellness experience that has been shown to reduce stress, relieve pain (emotional + physical), increase energy, promote feelings of well-being, ignite clarity, and more.

A firm believer that you are your own best healer, Catherine transcends the typical practitioner-client dynamic by answering any and all of questions, and teaching you tools and techniques to use on your own in daily life.



photoshoots & more

More than just a photoshoot, these custom curated experiences are designed to activate a deeper level of alignment, embodiment, and self-expression. Using a unique mind-body-spirit approach to media creation, all clients receive:

  • creative strategy consult

  • experiential workbook

  • energy healing session

  • photoshoot



holistic strategy session

This strategy session will give you the confidence and clarity you need to launch your next big business idea or creative project. We’ll meet for 2 hours to delve into the bedrock of your idea, digging for the diamonds that make it unique and exciting. We’ll anchor into your why for bringing it to life, and then map out a 3-month long action plan to get you off the ground running.

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Join me for a 4-month accelerator designed to ignite your radiance and impact. Now more than ever we’re being called to own our gifts and lend them to the creation of a healthier, harmonious world. If you’re looking for a personalized, high-touch coaching experience that integrates holistic healing, embodiment work, creative expression, community, adventure, and more - I invite you to check out my current mentorship program.